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About Kathak

About Kathak Kathak is a highly dynamic, energetic, graceful, abstract and narrative dance that unites music, movement and theater in a unique way. Kathak, the classical dance of North India, has enriched and transformed itself like no other dance of this country through different cultural influences. Kathaks origin goes back to 400 BCE, when it was held as a ceremony to worship the gods in the Hindu temples. At that time Kathak was an offering to the gods, but also a storytelling medium for portraying the epic tales of Mahabharata and Ramayana. The influence of muslim rulers in India transformed north indian arts. Kathak evolved from a purely narrative temple dance into a highly rhythmic, dynamic and expressive dance that uses the whole body as a narrative medium. Kathak is a highly stylized dance wich follows strict rules, but demands a lot of spontaneity and improvisational skills from the dancer at the same time.

Learn Kathak 

Kathak can be learned at any age and in any physical condition.

I offer classes for kids, teenagers and adults with and without dance experience. The Classes will be held in German and English.

Despite the dance training, I will be teaching basic knowledge of Indian mythology and Indian classical music. Please check the calendar to find out about Kathak classes and workshops or contact me.

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