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Ghazal Ramzani is a young Kathak dancer, Kathak teacher, choreographer and co-founder of the Indian artist collective Kalatva Collective. She was born in Iran and raised up both in Iran and Germany. After being granted a scholarship from the "Indian Council for Cultural Relations" she moved to India for her professional Kathak training. She was graduated from the prestigious "National Institute of Kathak Dance - New Delhi" as a Kathak dancer. Ghazal was trained in the traditional Kathak of Jaipur gharana under the guidance of the legendary Pt. Rajendra Kumar Gangani and gained knowledge in Yoga, Tabla and Hindustani classical vocal during her dance training.

She has worked and performed as a Kathak dancer with different choreographers in India such as her mentor Pt. Rajendra Kumar Gangani for out-of-school productions, as well as other renowned artists like Saroja Vaidyanathan and Deodatt Persaud.


Ghazal performed as a solo dancer on different stages in India and Europe.

Ghazal Ramzani is the co-founder of Kalatva Collective where she is involved as a dancer, choreographer and music composer. One of her main concerns is creating chances for everyone to experience dance. Hence, she seeks to bring dance to places and people who usually don't get the privilege to experience it. As a part of Kalatva Collective as well as an independent artist and teacher, she performed and gave workshops and dance classes in public schools and community spaces of India, as well as in projects for refugee children in Germany and homes for seniors and elderly people.

Currently she is living in Berlin, working as a dancer and dance teacher.


Ghazal Ramzani

Born in Iran

Raised in Iran and Germany

Lives and Works in Berlin and abroad



Studied Kathak in "National Institute of Kathak Dance"- New Delhi, India

Graduated as a Kathak dancer

Studied philosophy at "Universität Hildesheim" - Hildesheim, Germany


Dancer in numerous productions of Pt. Rajendra Gangani

India and Germany


Dancer in different choreographies of Shri Deodatt Persaud



Dancer in Saroja Vaidyanathans choreography for "Kumbha Mela Festival 2016"



Dancer in World Music Band WEME for "International Music Festival New Delhi-2017"




Kathak Teacher at Hella Klub

Berlin / Germany


Kathak Workshop for Tap Dancers

TreleMorele Punkt Kultury



1zu1 für Kinder

Kathak Workshop for children from refugee background

Berlin / Germany



Kathak Workshop for girls from refugee background (Kalatva Collective)

Göttingen / Germany


Haus der Kulturen der Welt

Kathak Workshop for girls from refugee background (Kalatva Collective)

Göttingen / Germany


Music Basti Workshops

Kathak Workshop and performance for children



Co.Founder, Choreographer and dancer of Kalatva Collective


Choreographies for Kalatva Collective:


Kritya - Rising

Choreography and Music Rearrangement


The Division of Earth (based on a poem by Friedrich Schiller)

Concept and Choreography



Choreography and Music Composition



Thilanna in Raag Kadana Kuthualam by M. Balamurlikrishna

Choreography and Music Rearrangement


Dhrupad in Raag Bhimplasi by Pandit Vinay Chandra Maudgalya

Choreography and Music Rearrangement


Tarana in Raag Jaunpuri by Pandit kumar Gandharva

Choreography and Music Rearrangement


Dadra "mora Shya" by Mohit Dobhal



Delhi / India

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